John Craft


John Craft, also known as HL Provost Master Leslie the Scot, OL, DWS, is a highly skilled Master Bladesmith, Creator, Shop Manager, and CFO. He joined the Society for Creative Anachronism in 1976, where his passion for historical weaponry was ignited.

John's interest in fencing began in 1970 when he took collegiate fencing at the University of Arizona in Tucson. However, it wasn't until 1983 when he returned to Tucson and started fencing "in costume" with the SCA that his interest in creating custom swords and daggers began.

In 1984, John began making custom swords and daggers for the SCA community. He quickly became known for his high-quality work and attention to detail. In 1985, he began buying Rapiers with practice schlager blades from American Fencers in San Francisco and modifying them to meet the SCA's requirements.

By 1987, John had started importing German Schlager practice blades from Wedi Klingen in Germany, further expanding his expertise in the field of historical weaponry. He continued to innovate and improve his craft, introducing the first 45" practice schlager blade at the Known World Rapier Collegium in 1989, which he also autocratted.

In 1991, John started grinding Scottie Armoury diamond blades out of 1075 spring steel and using a proprietary heat treat process that he developed himself. This process made the blades harder and tougher than other blades available at the time, solidifying John's reputation as a master bladesmith.

Today, John uses his 38 years of knowledge in Metallurgy and the History of fighting weapons through the ages to design and create the most accurate rapiers and parrying daggers available today throughout the SCA community. His contributions have helped to elevate the art of bladesmithing and fencing, and his legacy continues to inspire new generations of craftsmen and women.

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